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Welcome to Artist Uprising™ Studios, a premier rentable studio for photography, film, and commercial webinar needs. More specifically, our studios are located in Richardson TX - an economic epicenter where technology, innovation, and the arts are converging like never before for Dallas Proper. Whether you are a photographer or filmmaker looking for unique studios to rent for your clients, or if you are a business looking to hire one of our photographers for company headshots or product photography, we are excited to serve you​! Our team is a collaboration of a few companies & individuals who each bring to the table fresh ideas, industry expertise, and a rich clientele & talent base. 



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Artist Uprising™ is a talent and creative marketing agency in Dallas, Texas. 


Launched in 2016, the agency strives to abolish "starving artistry" by sourcing local artists & entertainers for businesses. Voted "#1 Hottest Startup in Dallas" three years in a row, Artist Uprising™ has sourced artists, painters, muralists, illustrators, digital designers, animators, musicians, 3-D experiential designers, fabricators, sculptors, and more for global brands. 


In 2019, Artist Uprising™ partnered with acclaimed Cuban graphic designer, Magdiel Lopez, to launch Belmont Creative, where talent managed by Artist Uprising™ now has the ability to digitize their artwork for products, digital marketing campaigns, commercials, record albums, augmented reality and so much more.

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TRIBE is a collective of visual artists specializing in narrative, commercial, and documentary storytelling.


From concept to delivery & distribution, our team of directors, DPs, photographers, and producers work with teams through ​every stage of pre-production, production, and post-production.


We are driven by the idea of helping stories find their voice.  

Our work can be seen with companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Mercedes, BBC, Hillsong, AirBNB, Jeep, Virgin, and many others. 

Belmont Creative is a creative agency in Dallas, Texas, co-founded by renowned designer, Magdiel Lopez, and Merrick Porchéddu of Artist Uprising. 


We believe in a world of rapid, constant change, there has never been a greater need for bold brands that seek authenticity and uniqueness not only in their brand recognition, but also in a way people experience the brand. We use art, design, and technology to find creative opportunities in every challenge — not just to think, but to make — and ultimately to put extraordinary things into the world.

Some brands we have worked with are MTV, Warner Brothers, Canon, LUSH Cosmetics, Macallan, Absolute Vodka, Adobe and more.

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