Cancellations, Refunds & Rescheduling

You can change or cancel your reservation at no additional charge. If you cancel, you will receive a credit for the amount of hours booked or the dollar amount spent. Your credit does not expire, and can be applied towards a future reservation at Artist Uprising™ Studios. Reserved hours cannot be split up and used separately. No refunds will be given.

Can I arrive early to set up / Can I stay later?

Since our bookings are back-to-back, we kindly request that you incorporate set-up and takedown time into your reserved studio hours. If you arrive early, please be mindful to wait outside until your studio time has begun. Your NexKey access will work during the duration of your scheduled booking only. Please be careful not to leave items behind once your reservation is complete, as the door will automatically lock upon exiting the space after your booking has expired.


You may park in any lined sparking space on our property. Free street parking is also available, as is a parking lot adjacent to the studio.

Where is the best place to get craft coffee nearby?

Communion Coffee is right down the street from Artist Uprising™ Studios. Feel free to pick up some craft coffee before you arrive for your reservation! Our studio kitchen has a Keurig and a pour over set. We also serve free Topo Chico and water in the retro fridge for all guests. Help yourself! Tips are welcome.

Catering - Is food allowed in the studio?

Yes! Minimal catering is allowed. Please be mindful to clean up after yourselves and throw away all trash before you leave. If you need assistance with catering options, we are happy to give you some excellent local recommendations!

Are pets allowed in the studio?

Yes! You are welcome to bring your pets to any shoot. In fact, we have some in-house photographers who specialize in pet photography. Please pick up after your pet, sweep any hairs out the garage doors, and wipe down any furniture that has hair left behind by your pet.

How many guests are allowed in the space?

You can bring up to 25 people for photo shoots, and up to 75 people for events.

Things that are not allowed in the space?

Drugs, firearms, explosives, nude photography, pornography and boudoir are all prohibited. We ask that you do not nail, paint or add tape to the rolling backgrounds without prior approval. Also, no glitter is allowed anywhere on the premises.

For Talent: How do I join Artist Uprising?

Thank you for your interest! Artist Uprising™ is our talent agency that pitches work to large brands and corporations for commercial use. If you are interested in learning more about the agency, please visit www.artistuprising.com or email Randi Bivens, Director of Talent Relations, at randi@artistuprising.com.

For Businesses: What does Artist Uprising offer?

Artist Uprising™ is a full service marketing & art agency that specializes in hiring incredible talent for your specific needs. Need a muralist for a marketing campaign? Need unique artwork for your space or interior design for your lobby? Need a curator to source art for your hotel or restaurant? We can do all of that and more. Artist Uprising's design studio, Belmont Creative, handles branding, web design, digital and animation design, and more. If you are interested in learning more about Artist Uprising™, please visit www.artistuprising.com for more information.











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